Carolyn Mowchan

Meet our Pastor!

Pastor Carolyn is an energetic, creative, ordained ELCA Lutheran, writer, musician, and passionate Evangelist. She loves hanging out with the Presbyterians! Carolyn has 30 years of parish experience and loves helping people rediscover the joys of faith. Her books on prayer, and Bible studies have been used all over the world. Her books are available at Amazon, including a brand new children’s book: Grandma and the Tiger.

At Westminster……..

YOU WILL find the comfort of a small caring community that lets you come as you are and welcomes you wherever you are on your spiritual journey.

You WON’T feel pushed, manipulated or guilt tripped, just welcomed.

We aren’t like your Grandma’s church, but we are warm and genuinely caring like Grandparents.

Westminster is a small community church blessed with a beautiful facility and talented people. Relaxed, informal, but reverent.

Why you might NOT want BUT visit us this season---

If you want to slip into the back row of large crowd and hide.

That won’t happen here.

If you want a rock back and a big production on Sundays, you won’t find that here.

If you like a formal worship experience, with churchy language...that’s not us either.

But we do gather faithfully for inspirational worship each week.

Then we go out into the community and serve as we are able.

You might just like to come sit in a beautiful space,

Listen to the music, and remember that there is still goodness in the world.

Whatever the reason, you are most welcome to join us!