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Sunday Worship at 11:00am - First Sunday of the month:Celtic Contemplative Worship

Chum food box drop off on the third Tuesday from
11:00am-12:00pm in the parking lot.


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Prayers for Ordinary Days
By Rev. Carolyn Mowchan 1993
Reprinted with permission from Augsburg Fortress Press

Sunday – Renewal
Dear Lord, let me rest this day in an awareness of your presence and power. Renew my faith and commitment ad I worship. Fill me with the signs and promises of your love. Amen

Monday -Transitions
Dear Lord, as I leave your sanctuary and go into the world, help me to see you there. As I go to my work, help me to see you there as well. When I leave the comfort of my family and friends and encounter strangers this week, help them to see you in me. Amen

Tuesday -Small Step
Lord, this day help me to speak, act and choose as a child of God. Give me an opportunity to speak your name to another person without fear. Give me courage to let my private worship shape my public life. Amen

Wednesday -Wisdom
Dear Lord, teach me to see my world as you see it. Encourage me to look at myself and my neighbors through your eyes. Give me ears to hear your still small voice over the many competing voices in life. Open my heart to the transforming power of your Spirit. Amen.

Thursday -Whatever is good
Dear Lord, it is easy to focus on what is lacking. It is easy to fret over the burdens, complain about the disappointments, and miss the many blessings of living. Help me to live this day with a thankful heart, to take a second look at the good things in my life and in my world. Amen

Friday -Vocation
Dear Lord, I offer my week for your inspection. Forgive my mistakes, heal my wrongs, and help me to celebrate my successes. Give me the satisfaction of knowing that my life’s work is important to you and to others. Let me not be burdened by an inflated sense of my own importance and place in your world. Amen

Saturday – Priorities
Lord, in the cycles of work and play, family and friends, home and community, let my thoughts, words, and deeds reflect my faith and trust in you. Help me to use my time well, so that I can nurture and treasure what is truly important. Amen.

Dear God, help me to be willing. When I need to change, lower my defenses. When I would rather stay the same than be transformed by your Holy Spirit, give me a push. Teach me what it means to be willing instead of willful. Amen.

Dear Lord, when dark thoughts cloud the reality of you, give me trust for a brighter day. When pain or fear erodes my trust in you, give me patience and courage until you take my hand. When my world seems ever so much more important than yours, forgive me and guide me home. Amen